How To Sell Your Home Fast in Florida

Selling your home starts with choosing the right REALTOR®, then it comes down to Presentation, Marketing and Price!

Don’t just list your home, SELL IT! The best way to sell you home fast in South Florida is to have a plan for success and that starts with choosing the right Real Estate Professional. If your home is located in the Delray Beach, Gulf Stream, Boynton Beach or Boca Raton area of South Florida, then choosing real estate agent Robert MacKinnon, REALTOR® is your first step for personalized concierge real estate service.

You only have one chance for a first impression and that is why taking the time to have quality photos of your property done before you list the home is the key.  Presentation on the full-color internet is where your home or condo must shine above the rest.  Bob MacKinnon will take the time to be sure your home is presented right the first time. Bob takes his own drone photos and videos so you’ll always get the right lighting with blue skies and windows with a view.

Analyzing the best price to sell you house is key to attract qualified buyers immediately when you place it on the market.  If a house is overpriced it will stay on the market too long and potential buyers may think something is wrong with your property.  Nobody wants to price their home too low and that’s not the best way to hope for a bidding war.  The key is to price it as close to market value as possible according to the Principals of Substitution.  A prudent buyer will not pay more for a property that was similar and available for a lower price.  It will also be difficult to obtain a mortgage for a home that appraises for less than the sale price.

Once all the steps have been taking to determine the fair market price and the presentation of photos and descriptions are prepared it will be time to market the property.  There are many ways to advertise a property and the internet has proven one of the best. It takes time and effort to be sure your property is found above other similar properties and that is the reason to choose Robert MacKinnon and the HomeFinds Network.  With over 30 years of real estate experience and 15 years of internet marketing experience, your home will be featured on multiple websites across the internet.

Once your home is listed with Bob MacKinnon, your marketing has just begun including weekly newspaper ads, Facebook, direct mailing campaigns, signage, multiple local real estate office locations and a large social media program. Your home will only sell when it’s constantly in front of active buyers. Contact Bob to find out what your home is really worth in today’s market. Call or text Bob at 617-354-7000, or visit his website Bob MacKinnon, REALTOR® with Lang Realty in Delray Beach Florida.

For further information about selling your home contact Robert S. MacKinnon, REALTOR® Toll-Free at 1-888-248-4375 or Click here.Bob

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